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All Woman, Everything

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

All Woman, Everything 


The way I see it

She is everything

Woman, female, girl, lady

And this is only the beginning

Her identity is expressed with all ten fingers 

Her defining qualities inform an entire dictionary 

She can be used as a noun, verb, and adjective

To be her, to do her, to be like her 

To walk with diamonds between her thighs,

both nonwhite and woman 

Synonyms include: survival, artistry, architect

Crafting her own existence, entitled: project reclaimed land

That is her denotative mission 

Because she plasters her own meaning 

Her grandmother pours the foundation

Over the false belief that I must feed 

that She was not a she

Nor he or they 

But that she was a thing that could be mine 

For I am hungry in my house built on (un)claimed land

Her actual home is a mystery 

Where is it? 

 They do not know 

Why would she want to be there? 

I do not understand 

But that is not any of her concern,

Because I wouldn’t ever be able to fit in as she does, 

Since She can be, and chooses to be 


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