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 Tolulope Anderson, Dana Anderson, Gabby Mahabeer, Zainab Salako, Kealoha Ogunseitan, Dinah Clottey, Cecile Ngo, Marla Anderson, Prof. Cathey Cohen, Prof. Alice Kim, David Knight

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An Interactive Essay by Dayo Adeoye

          As a black woman, my unspokens have proven to be powerful. Unspokens are the building blocks of silence. Some of my unspokens include when I was seven years old on the playground clad in wood chips of every size with my Sketchers Twinkle Toes dazzling at my feet and yet not being able to approach potential friends on the playground. Or when I was ten years old being told that if I didn’t lose weight, big girls like myself would not get promotions and advance in my future career. Even when I....... 


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