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10 Commandments of


These are the rules that we live by and the guidelines for being a Foreigner

One must never subject anyone to a specific standard, stereotype, norm, or bias


Thou shall respect all identities, cultures, and forms of artistic expression 


Thou must always use their platform, their voice, for good in the name of Foreign


One must be provided with the best, timely, high-quality service

Thou must treat others how they want to be treated


Thou must not hate or spread Hate on thy neighbor


Thou must dress how they feel

Thou must never accept a problem or injustice


Thou must love that they are purple in a field of green


Thou must never be afraid of being Alien in character



community guidelines


We refuse to post any forms of hate speech or writing that may cause harm to anyone. This includes any language that is abusive, threatening or expresses prejudice against a particular group including race, religion, or sexual orientation. All submissions are subject to the complete discretion of the review committee before uploaded to the Foreign Sister blog. All entries will be included under the "Listen2Her" tab. 



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