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My name is Dayo Adeoye, and I am the founder of Foreign. First and foremost thank you for checking out the Foreign site. Foreign has been a passion project of mine ever since I was 15 years old!

I am currently a Master's of Arts in Religion Student at Union Theological Seminary and incoming JD student at Columbia Law School. I attended the University of Chicago with double Bachelor's of Arts in Law, Letters, and Society and Religious Studies with a minor in Human Rights. 


It would be easy to describe myself based on my identity -- I am a Gen Z, Nigerian-American, cis-woman --  but really what captures me the best is knowing that I am a big sister to five incredible people. As a sister, I want to be able to be and use my privileges to help craft a world in which I want my siblings to live in.At root of this world is widespread religious literacy, ethnic equality, and the proliferation of human rights.

P.S.- I would love to hear your feedback! Send me a message using the email form below. All messages go directly to me! 

With love, 

Your Sister Dayo Adeoye

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